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An Update on the CPC Black Lives Matter Banner


As described in this Washington Post article, Colesville Presbyterian began displaying a Black Lives Matter banner, visible for drivers on New Hampshire Avenue.  After several weeks on display, this first banner was stolen.  The replacement banner put up was soon defaced with paint, then the words were cut out of the banner.  Session agreed to leave the damaged  banner on display, as testimony to the church’s continuing support for the Black Lives Matter sentiment, in spite of detractors who would damage our church property.  Then CPC received a wonderful surprise – a replacement Black Lives Matter flag hanging with the damaged banner, placed by a community member who also left a note of support.  The church has received messages of support from others in the community as well, citing their appreciation that the church continues to display our banners despite theft and vandalism.  The church has since added a series of lawn signs in front of the church to amplify the Black Lives Matter message. Our commitment to being a Matthew 25 church that is inclusive and diverse is made evident by our participation in the Black Lives Matter movement.

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